Community Engagement Administrators Conference (CEAC)

Launched in 2003 as the Community Service and Service-Learning Directors Conference, this event is designed for community engagement professionals – both faculty and staff – who facilitate civic and community engagement programs and initiatives. Renamed in 2008, this gathering allows participants to reflect on their role and work through presentations and workshops, facilitated discussions, and networking. CEAC is usually held in June at a member campus.

2020 Community Engagement Administrators Conference (CEAC)
“Recalibration:  Knowledge & Tools for Deepening & Sustaining Community & Civic Engagement”
June 9, 2020 [NOW VIRTUAL]

Call for Proposals  │ Deadline: April 17, 2020

Register here │  Deadline: May 22 (new registration link coming soon since the event is now free!)

CEAC is for staff and faculty who lead, coordinate, and facilitate higher education community and civic engagement activities.

If you have participated in the SLCE (service-learning, community/civic engagement) field in the last decade, you have witnessed the rapid growth and institutionalization of this work. From offices to staff to conferences to credentials to minors and majors to classifications, etc. it is clear that higher education has embraced their role in preparing students for civic and social responsibility, strengthening democracy, and partnering with their communities to address critical public issues. However, in the midst of these field advances, we are aware of the dire predictions about the future of higher education due to demographic and economic shifts.  We have seen the growing critiques of the humanities, the co-curriculum, and pedagogies and practices such as those connected to civic and community engagement – while the argument to focus strictly on career and job preparedness continues to gain traction. Meanwhile, economic and social disparities continue to increase.

How can community and civic engagement professionals deepen, expand, and sustain their efforts in the current climate? The Webster’s Dictionary definition for “calibrate” is to “adjust or mark (something, such as a measuring device) so that it can be used in an accurate and exact way.” The 2020 CEAC is an opportunity for civic/community engagement professionals to recalibrate through networking,  discussions about these issues, and through sharing of best practices and insights.

CEAC will include a combination of workshops and roundtable and group discussions. We are currently seeking facilitators for the workshops and roundtable discussions.

Questions? Contact Leslie Garvin.

Past CEA Conferences

2019 –  Southern Region Community College Institute (for the 2019 event we partnered with Kentucky Campus Compact, Virginia Campus Compact, and national Campus Compact to host a gathering specifically for community colleges)
Facilitator: Verdis Robinson, Director for Community College Engagement at Campus Compact

2018 — Planning for Data Collection on Civic and Community Engagement Activities
Facilitator: Anne Weiss, Director of Assessment, Campus Compact of Indiana

2017 — The Future of Alternative Service Breaks: Deeper Learning and Impact
Facilitators: Melody Porter, College of William and Mary; Shoshanna Sumka, Sidwell Friends School. Highlights

2016 — Recognizing Implicit Bias in Community Engagement
Facilitator: Rev. Jason Williams, Co-Administrator, MeckMin

2015 — Diving Deep in Community Engagement
Facilitators: Dr. Patti Clayton; Dr. Sarah Stanlick; Leslie Garvin

2013 — Alternative Service Experiences Institute
Featured Speaker: Dr. Elizabeth Niehaus, University of Maryland. (More Alternative Break resources here.)

2012 — Tracking and Measuring Community Engagement:  Articulating Methods that Align with Current and Future Institutional Goals
Facilitator: Dr. Barbara Holland. (More Monitoring and Measuring resources here.)

2010 — 2010 CEAC program booklet

2009 — 2009 CEAC program booklet

2008 — Closer to the Goal: Going Deeper in our Civic Engagement Efforts

2007 — 2007 CSD-SLD program booklet

2006 — 20/20 Visioning

2005 — 2005 CSD-SLD program booklet

2004 — Southeast Conference for Community Service and Service Learning Directors (co-sponsored with Florida Campus Compact)