NC Census Fellows

Get to know the students participating in our #NCCensusFellow program and the work they are doing to mobilize their campuses and community to ensure a complete census count.

Koichi Takara, Central Piedmont Community College

Why is the census Important to your community in Mecklenburg county?

“Charlotte is one of the fastest growing cities in America, and the Census is the way to make sure that can reflect into more funding for the community. The Census is used in more ways than we think; it’s used to put more hospitals and supermarkets. It’s used to make sure that we have better allocated representation in US politics. Overall, it’s the one direct way for Charlotte to be counted for the next decade of growth.”


Shelbie Chervinko, Durham Technical Community College

Tell us about your experience with Complete Count Committee. How was your first meeting?

“It was so empowering sitting there and working with other community leaders who do community outreach work for a living. it was exciting to share some ideas as well and I can’t wait to continue working with them.”

Brandon Joyner, Elizabeth City State University

What are your plans to engage your peers and the greater Elizabeth City Community?

“I’m excited about meeting all the people that I will encounter while participating in this fellowship. Specifically, I plan on collaborating with SGA and CAB for fun informational sessions about the Census and its importance. I will also have events off campus to reach those who do not live on campus. I also look forward to getting the Complete Count Committee for Pasquotank County off the ground.”

Morgan Behrens, Elon University

Why is the Census important?

“North Carolina is slated to get a new seat in the next congress after the census takes place. This is a very big deal and while people might not know about it, a new seat will have an impact on every person living in North Carolina.  By ensuring we have a complete count, it will not only impact government but people living in those communities.”

Julius Brittman, Fayetteville State University

Why is the Census is important to Cumberland County?

“The Census is important because the data gleaned from it is vital for community development.  It will allow for the expansion of urban infrastructure and for businesses to be drawn to the area to aid in that process. This Census also has the potential to give the state another seat within the House which will bring adequate representation to Cumberland county and its needs.”

Love Caesar, NC A&T State University

Tell us about the programming that you and NC A&T’s Complete Count Committee are planning.

“We plan to host commuter student programs, informative sessions, and interactive game nights that will really get students engaged with the Census. I am excited about educating my peers and colleagues about why the Census is important.“

Vanessa Eileen Crow, NC State University

Why is the census important to Wake county?

 “Getting a proper count for Wake County is particularly important because this area of the state has experienced particularly high growth, which is expected to continue. This means that the impacts of an undercount, already dire for portions of the population that rely on the social services that the Census information supports, would be more severe. “

Lindsay Jamerson, UNC Greensboro

What most excites you about the #NCCensusFellow program?

“I am so excited to be a part of the fellowship. I am in the process of planning a workshop for community leaders in order to give them the tools to help their clientele. Additionally, I will be tabling in high traffic areas on my campus.”

Jorge Castillo, UNC Pembroke

Tell us about how your experience being part of the Complete Count Committee.

“Robeson county has one of the lowest self-response rates in the State. My complete count committee has helped me get in contact with local non-profits such as Lumberton Housing Authority so I can assist their efforts in getting a complete and accurate count.”

Jordan Rasheed, Western Carolina University

What program or activity are you most excited about hosting?

“I am most excited about engaging with members of my community that I do not usually see and getting the word out about the census. I am looking forward to having a census BBQ at some of the apartment complexes in order to get our commuter students to understand the importance of filling out the census.”

David Benoit, Western Carolina University

Why is the Census important and where will you be concentrating your efforts?

“The census is important because so many members of the community within western North Carolina are statistically forgotten. Without the census, many students, children, and impoverish families will be left without the resources they need to live great lives. I’ll be concentrating my efforts in reaching out to off-campus housing in order to educate commuter students.”

Lauren Bagby, Winston Salem State University

Apart from tabling at basketball games, how are you engaging your peers around the Census?

 “I plan on making plenty of social media posts to bring awareness to the census, because my generation is very tech savvy, I feel like this is a great way to appeal to them and still get the word out about the census. Check out my TikTok video